Method We Use

There are three types of fuel that run your body: Carbs Protein and Fats. And all of these function differently inside your body.

Carbs give you an instant burst of energy and then also a dip in energy levels very soon. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and fat is the last source that when put to fire, can give you the longest and the best source of energy.

But for most people it’s challenging to reach a state where your body instead of its primary source, that is carbohydrates, is burning fat for energy. And that’s exactly what we help you do. FAT LOSS.



With the help of our unique framework that involves low calorie, low carb nutritionally complete Meal Replacement Products (MRPs) [smoothies, soups, and bars] and solid meals, we train your body to start burning fat for energy.

This happens because in the initial few days, you replace a few of your otherwise high calorie solid meals with low calorie solid meals and some with our MRPs that are low on carbs, rich in protein, contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and healthy fat to make calorie counting easy for you. Because you are low on carbs, your body switches to burning fat for energy keeping your muscle mass intact, with the help of adequate protein consumed through every meal. 

Hence, we promise FAT LOSS, not just WEIGHT LOSS. And… you look just as pretty/handsome since your nutrition is completely taken care of.



The most efficient 23BMI weight loss program (12 weeks) is divided into 3 stages.

Weight Loss Stage (4 weeks): In this stage, you replace 2-3 high calorie meals from your routine with our low calorie MRPs and the remaining meals of the day are your usual solid meals, just healthier. You lose about 5-6 kilos in a month here.

Transition Stage (4 weeks): Once you’ve lost a certain amount of weight in Stage 1, we now slowly start increasing your calorie consumption through the day. You wean off the MRPs and introduce other food groups that were restricted in Stage 1 to make sure that your body is going through a GRADUAL transition. Through your Transition Stage, you still lose about 2-3 kg weight while learning a lot about each food group and how it impacts your body weight.

Maintenance Stage (4 weeks): In the last stage, we purely focus on WEIGHT MAINTENANCE. By this stage, your body has lost a good amount of weight, about 8-10 kg and has adjusted its calorie requirement and metabolism to your new weight. In this stage, we focus on human behavioral programming, your relationship with food, understand your lifestyle deeper and customize your diet to fit your routine, advise on some lifestyle modifications and make sure you learn to maintain the lost weight without any deprivation.

Trust us, Weight Loss is the easiest bit, Weight Maintenance is what needs effort. And that is why the Maintenance Phase is the most important phase of our weight management programs.

The real win is when you remain 10 kgs lighter even if we meet you after 3 years, isn’t it?


Please note that our 2 week and 4 week programs involve only Stage 1, the Weight Loss Phase. If you are happy with your weight loss, which we are sure you’d be, we strongly advise on doing the Transition and Maintenance Stages to keep that weight off long term.