23BMI Journey

Experience 3x Faster weightloss with us


Meal plan: 2 MRPs/day + 1 or 2 healthy meals based on your needs.

Fat loss: Our program helps your body use body fat for energy instead of carbs, resulting in significant fat loss starting on Day 4.

Results: Our framework guarantees an average fat loss of 5-6kg in 4 weeks, with even more weight loss if your BMI is above 30.

How Do We Work

1) We are a medically supervised, advanced weight management venture helping you achieve 3X faster fat loss along with taking care of your holistic health.

2) We primarily focus on excess body fat loss and make sure the muscle mass is intact.

3) We put you into a calorie deficit mode while making sure the protein and nutrient requirements of the body are taken care of.

4) We make the whole framework convenient and hassle-free for you by providing you a few of your meals from our end, low carb, nutrient dense meals that come in the form of smoothies an soups and some of the meals of your day are advised to you by our health coach, considering your health profile and your calorie requirement.