Direction To Use

  • Empty All The Content In A Bowel

    ( 1 Sachet of 50g = 1 Meal )

  • Pour 300-400 ml Of Water

    ( Recommended In Warm Water )

  • Stir Well & Enjoy

    ( On The Go Meal Is Ready )

When To Use

Here are some tips when and where to use this product.

  • Breakfast

    On busy mornings, just grab it, eat it.

  • Lunch

    Too occupied in the afternoon? Your low carb nutritious meal is ready in less than a minute.

  • Dinner

    Balance your daily
    calorie intake with low calorie
    meal replacements.

  • Workout

    Pure energy before or
    after workout with 21g
    of Protein per meal.

  • Travel

    Your healthy on-the-go
    meal replacements can accompany you anywhere. Just stash them in your bag.

  • Manage Diabetes

    Low carb, low calorie meal replacements are great for diabetics and weight watchers.


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Is this keto diet?

Yes. The meal replacement products are low in carbs and calories by means of which the human body slips into dietary ketosis

How many Meal Replacement Products can I consume in day?

It completely depends on your fitness goals. You could replace 1 to 4 meals in a day depending on result you desire. You may consult with our health experts by reaching out on +91 9819300066 if you need more information on the same.

Do the products contain appetite suppressant?


Is this vegetarian?

Yes. All our range of smoothies and soups are 100% veg.

What is the shelf life of the product?

Meal Replacement Smoothies & Soup: 24 Months Mini Meal Replacement Bars: 9 Months

How are Meal Replacements helpful in weight maintenance?

Meal Replacements are designed to be low carb, high protein, filled with all vital nutrition, they provide goodness of a nutritious meal with 60% lesser calories.

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