Frequently Asked Question

 Is this keto diet?

Yes, it's even better. The meal replacement smoothies and shakes are low in carbs and calories by means of which the human body slips into dietary ketosis.

How many Smoothies/Soups can I consume in a day?

It completely depends on the type of plan you choose.a) In LeanFuel Pro (Male – 4 Meal Replacement Products / Female – 3 meal replacement products). b) In LeanFuel Fusion (Male – 3 Meal Replacement Products / Female – 2 meal replacement products)

 Do the products contain appetite suppressants?

Big No.

Do you mix it with milk or water?

Meal Replacement Smoothies have to be added to cold/room temperature water whereas the Meal Replacement Soups must be added in lukewarm water.

Can a diabetic do it?

Of course, Diabetics can do it as the meal replacement products contain a very low amount of sugar and carbohydrates.