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Health startup 23BMI can help you lose weight, stay healthy without hitting the gym

Mumbai-based weight management startup 23BMI offers meal replacement products for people looking to lose weight. It can also help treat lifestyle diseases such as Type II diabetes, PCOD, and thyroid imbalance.

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Preventive Healthcare Focus Brings Windfall For India's Health Supplements Startups

Covid-19's impact on consumer behaviour will boost all health-related products and services. DataLabs by Inc42+ found that the number of cases for cardiovascular diseases has grown 47.94%,..

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Upnourish: India’s First D2C Focussed Meal Replacement Product Venture

How many times have you made that plan to hit the gym in the last six months? Or for that matter how many times did you decide that you were only going to eat healthy? We bet it has happened multiple times over and over again. The problem doesn’t lie in the planning, but in the execution of the plan, the will to work on that plan and the resources available at that moment to complete the plan. It is getting increasingly difficult for people...

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Piling on the pounds during pandemic: Weight loss driving sales of meal replacements amid India's lockdown

More Indian consumers are turning to meal replacement powder to shed unwanted pounds that piled on after gyms were closed and outdoor movement restricted in the midst of COVID-19, according to a local brand.

The company’s weight loss meal recommendation program runs for three months.

The meal plans typically comprises of meal replacement powder formulated by the company during the start of the program.

Subsequently, it will introduce healthy whole foods into the users’ diet to help them maintain their weight without relying heavily on the meal replacement products.

The products, available in seven flavours such as chocolate, banana, and vanilla, are only sold through its official website, or via tie-up programs with GP clinics and wedding planning agencies. This also means that most users engage its service for health and aesthetic reasons.

With the pandemic, there are now a few more reasons for consumers to engage its service, co-founder...

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Raw food diet: Its health benefits and drawbacks

Also known as raw veganism, the raw food diet comprises consuming only raw and unprocessed foods. The raw food diet hit a peak a few years ago, but it’s making a comeback this year. For this reason, we checked in with the experts to learn about this food plan. Here are their insights..

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Upnourish - Providing Nutritious Meal Replacement to Stay Effortlessly Healthy

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Due to the increasing pressure of modern life and despite the adverse effects it has on our health, people tend to get less...

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Health Tips While Working In A Hybrid Work Environment Post Covid

Unfortunately, the widespread coronavirus pandemic has ruled our lives for the past two years. The constant arrival of new variants is posing demanding challenges for organisations and posing difficult scenarios for them to resume full-fledged operations. Expecting the workplace to return to their daily office..

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Now Is A Good Time To Start Eating Home-Cooked Food

Over the last century, we have adapted to a system where most of the food that we eat comes from packets, cans, bags, etc. Our food habits and choices have dramatically changed in a way that home-cooked food has become a luxury, a treat. Lifestyle changes have led us to eating junk, packaged, processed foods that are known to cause serious health complications.

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