Meal Replacment Smoothies

Pre-workout or post-workout meal replacement smoothies.

Try out 23bmi's meal replacement powder for smoothies for an easy, yet balanced diet everyday. Carry along the 23bmi vegan meal replacement smoothie on your weight gain and weight loss journey.

Meal Replacement Soups

Don't go hungry on your journey towards a healthy body!

23bmi presents meal replacement soups for weight loss and weight gain. Ideal for busy schedules or as a replacement for everyday boring meals. Try out the plant-based meal replacement soups for weight loss and get on with your wellness goals today.

Meal Replacement Bars

Too busy to take a break for lunch? So, don't!
Grab your 23bmi plant based meal replacement bars. These are vegan, high protein bars that give you the right amount of all the nutrients of a balanced diet. Eat it as a whole meal or enjoy it as a snack in between work.